For 2019 one of my goals is to read the Bible in chronological order.  Ok, truth be told, that was my goal last year, but I didn’t finish, so it became a rollover goal for this year!  Anyone else have rollover goals? (No judgment here, clearly).

I’ve currently been reading a lot about the life of David, and truthfully I’m still surprised sometimes as I read, that he was known as “a man after God’s own heart.”

I mean he had some great moments, sure, but he also had some awful moments.  Yet in studying his life, one discipline we can consistently read about, is his ongoing, active pursuit of God.

He clearly didn’t always make wise choices, or possibly even follow God‘s leading, but even when he failed miserably, we find him seeking God.

I can read the psalms and still feel surprised by how similarly so many can describe my own varied emotions in different seasons of life.

As each new year begins, I pray for direction and inspiration for the 365 days before me.

 Sometimes that renewed focus comes in the form of a specific word that stands out to me, like a word for the year.  This year, it’s been a verse that keeps resonating in my spirit.

 Hebrews 11:6: And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that HE REWARDS THOSE WHO SINCERELY SEEK HIM.

There are so many dreams and hopes & real-life responsibilities that I want to see accomplished successfully in my life.  But there really is no true, lasting, deep soul fulfillment outside of a relationship with Christ.  I know this to be true and yet too often I get distracted.

Starting often isn’t the problem.  Disciplined consistency is.

But if I believe this verse to be true (and I do!)....that God rewards those who sincerely seek Him, than my goal this year is to STAY in pursuit.

So here are some tips that personally help me do that:

1.   Make a plan

Like the old saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.

How do you plan to keep your pursuit of God active?  It definitely won’t just happen without you being intentional about it. 

2.   Align your schedule to your priorities

 If knowing God better is a priority to you, make time in your schedule to allow for this to happen.  Wake up earlier or stay up later and spend some time praying or reading the Bible or a devotional. (I know a good devotional if you need one, ;) check out my shop page). And set time aside to attend a church service and/or a Bible study or small group.  You are in control of your schedule!     

3.   Get out of the box

Don’t compartmentalize your faith into a “Sunday box.” “I went to church on Sunday, check.”  No!  Move beyond that.  Find times throughout the day to pray and to read a scripture or two.  Allow faith to flow into every area of your life.  This is where our relationship with God becomes so much deeper, stronger, and more meaningful!

4. Share your plan

 Speaking our goals out loud helps us stay more accountable to them, so find a trusted friend, mentor, or your spouse and let them know what you’re planning.

Here’s to not only starting off 2019 strong, but to staying strong all year long, as we STAY IN PURSUIT OF GOD!  Like David, may we be known as those who are after God’s heart, even despite our shortcomings.