Freedom is meant to be lived!  In this book, you'll learn how to let go of the things that weigh your soul down so that you can live in the freedom, wholeness, and healing that Christ offers us.

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Alison's words are conversational, warm, vulnerable and caring.  After a few paragraphs you will feel as if she were an old friend.  Her testimony is inspiring, struggles relatable, and her love for Jesus oozes out of every sentence.  

-Jenna Lucado Bishop, Author, National Speaker 

Living Freedom: Losing a Spiritual 10 lbs is a must read for women of ALL ages.  It is filled with practical truths as well as refreshingly honest personal experiences.  Using stories from her own life and the lives of others she has encountered, Alison is able to help shed light on the issues holding so many women back today.  You will be challenged, inspired, and moved to action as you read through the pages of this book!

-Tommy Barnett, Pastor, Author, International Speaker

The journey to uncovering buried pain can seem like an uninvited interruption, yet completely necessary if one is to laugh easily and love life.  I got caught up in Living Freedom: Losing a Spiritual 10 lbs as Alison uses real-life stories to help us learn to embrace God's complete healing for our past wounds and disarm the lodged memories that hold us captive. this book is an engaging resource for women who truly desire to live out our true limitless heritage as daughters of the King!

-Audrey Meisner, Bestselling Author, Marriage Under Cover, TV Host, My New Day

Sharing from her own painful experience, Alison transparently reveals her journey from bondage to freedom.  If you find yourself encumbered by a heavy load that God has not intended you to carry, Alison Wallwork's book, Living Freedom: Losing a Spiritual 10 lbs is a must read.  She beautifully unfold God's plan and desire for you to "she the weight" that loads you down.

-Rev. Dawn Scott Jones, Author, National Speaker