#MOMLIFE was written for mom’s of any age and background who still have kids at home. Moms who live in the day-to-day, consumed in the throes of motherhood where there is little margin for extra time. They give of themselves to their kids and family every day all week long, and unless they are poured back into with practical insights, encouragement, and hope, they will be left dry and empty. My desire is that these moms will take a few minutes each day to read and apply #MOMLIFE, get renewed inspiration, and be refreshed.

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“Alison is that mom friend that comes along and reminds you that perfect is impossible, but you can still be the best at the #MOMLIFE and your spiritual walk. This devotional feels less like a devotion and more like a conversation with a compassionate mentor. You leave feeling a little more sure of yourself and a whole lot more sure of what God can do through you when you leave Him the space to work.”

-Julia Taylor, radio personality for 10+ years in major cities such as Phoenix and Dallas, and mother of four kids ages five to 15.

#MOMLIFE is like a needed ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air for moms seeking encouragement in the Word as we raise children for Christ. Alison’s authenticity, joy, wisdom, and passion to minister to mothers and families comes through every page, bringing hope and joy to all. I highly recommend this book for every mom, young and old.”

 -Rebecca Keener, Author of The Marvelous Madness of Motherhood and host of Always More TV

“Alison Wallwork has written an outstanding book that will encourage you in your parenting journey! As you read #MOMLIFE, you’ll find faith-filled encouragement, scriptures to grab onto, and laugh at her real, down-to-earth stories as she shares from her heart.”

-Beth Jones, Pastor and Author, Kalamazoo, MI

“#MOMLIFE devotionals are refreshing, resourceful, and real. Each chapter focuses on the healing power of God’s grace on us mamas and allows us to fall at His feet with our challenges and struggles. A great reminder that He does not give us more than we can handle, these daily devotions are filled with hope, joy, grace, and mentorship. Reading through the chapters could easily be the best spent five minutes of your day.”

 -April Walker, Connected Families Ministry Team, Eden Prairie, MN